New discoveries: Serbia has major reserves of boron ore


Photo: Pixabay

Canadian company “Erin Ventures Inc.” from Vancouver, according to the “Vecernje Novosti” daily, has found reserves of boron ore in Serbia with a gross value of more than two billion dollars.

The deposit is located in the region of Piskanja, not far from the abandoned coal mines near Baljevac on the Ibar River (in the Raska Municipality).

According to the preliminary feasibility study that mine could be operational for 21 years. During that period 11 million tonnes of boron could be obtained from there, it being used in space technology and mobile phone industry.

That small Canadian company has entered the drilling program at this site after multinational company Rio Tinto, the world’s largest mining corporation, has abandoned concession in that region.

The largest boron deposits, as much as 75 percent, are located in Turkey. However, discovery by the Canadian “Erin” now puts Serbia among countries with huge deposits of that ore. It is even estimated that Piskanja based deposit is much better than those found so far in the world.

Source: Večernje Novosti

Photo: Pixabay

Writes: T. K.