Officially: We are all becoming organ donors


Photo: Pixabay

The Serbian Parliament has adopted the Organ Transplantation Act, which stipulates that all citizens are potential organ donors unless they expressly oppose it by addressing the Biomedicine Administration.

The provisions of the Act stipulate that citizens who do not want to be organ donors during their lifetime must submit a written or oral statement about this to the Biomedicine Administration, which will be established in Belgrade.

According to the legal provisions, human organs of a deceased person may be harvested for transplantation if an adult, legally competent donor does not oppose it prior to death, in the oral or written form, or if the parent, spouse, unmarried partner or adult child of the deceased does not explicitly object to it at the time of death.

The provisions of the Act provide for the establishment of a waiting list at the national level for the recipients of human organs, who will be enrolled without discrimination and under equal conditions for every person for whom there is an indication for organ transplantation, i.e. if it is medically justified.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay