Owner of the “Alo” daily newspaper has purchased TV station “Studio B”


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According to data of the Serbian Business Registers Agency, majority owner of Belgrade based TV station “Studio B” has become Belgrade based company “Global media technology”, a limited liability company owned by Sasa Blagojevic, who previously purchased the “Alo” daily newspaper.

By bringing non-cash capital contribution in the amount of almost RSD64 million “Global media technology” has received an ownership state of 59.74 percent in radio and television broadcaster “Studio B d.o.o.” which is listed in Media Register as TV station “Studio B.”

The company “Maksim medija” owned by Ruzica Krdzic, purchased TV station “Studio B” in August 2015 for EUR530.000.

Sasa Blagojevic, the owner of “Global media technology”, is also director and co-owner of marketing agency “Trilenium.”

Last year, as a single owner of the company “Dnevne novine Alo d.o.o.”, he purchased tabloid “Alo” daily from Swiss-German publisher Ringier Axel Springer.

Source: Beta

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