RSD 300,000 for the FIRST child, RSD 10,000 a month for the SECOND until the age of five


Photo: Pixabay

Parents will soon receive RSD 300,000 from state for the first child, and for the second RSD 10,000 a month for the next five years. In order to achieve this, Minister without portfolio in charge of demography and population policy Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, in her interview with the “Politika” daily newspaper, announces a set of financial laws, following adoption of the Law on Budget, which is to “fix” the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children. She says the Serbian government has already adopted a decision to increase a short-term support for the first child in the next two years, from the current RSD 100,000 to RSD 300,000. Bearing in mind that the largest number of couples in Serbia has only one child, we decided that for the second child they will receive a monthly allowance of RSD 10,000 until he or she turns five years of age. At this moment, this allowance is foreseen only until the second birthday, the minister in charge of demography pointed out.

Source: Politika

Photo: Pixabay

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