Serbia between the highest and the lowest salaries


Photo: Pixabay

The citizens of Belgrade had the highest salaries in Serbia last year, while the lowest salaries were paid to the citizens of Svrljig, the Politika daily reports.

The highest average salary was recorded among the residents of Vracar – RSD 78,619, followed by the residents of Novi Beograd RSD 75,469, immediately followed by the residents of Stari Grad with an average salary of RSD 74,332.

Ranked fourth in terms of the amount of earnings in Serbia are the residents of the municipality of Savski Venac, with an average salary of RSD 67,111. Ranked fifth are the inhabitants of Lazarevac, who received an average of RSD 64,243.

The average salary in the City of Belgrade last year was RSD 60,689, while the average salary at the level of entire Serbia was RSD 49,650.

Source: Politika

Photo: Pixabay