Statistics: SALARIES DROP in south of Serbia


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Average net salaries for February dropped by 3.8% in entire Serbia amounting to RSD 52,426, while in the Jablanica District, which still holds the infamous record of the lowest wages in the country, they amounted to RSD 40,949, i.e. 4.6% less than in January.

According to the data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, the most significant decline was recorded in Bojnik – 7.1 percent, where the average salary was RSD 37,034. The average salary in Leskovac amounted to RSD 41,549, recording a decrease of 5.1 percent compared to January.

Average February salaries in Vlasotince amounted to RSD 38,126 (1.3% drop), in Lebane RSD 39,394 (3.9% drop), in Medvedja RSD 47,458 (4% drop) and in Crna Trava RSD 41,504 (0.6% drop).The Pcinja District continues to be penultimate on the list of the places with the lowest salaries with RSD 42,644, having also recorded a drop by 3.8%. The Toplica District is just ahead of the Pcinja District with an average salary of RSD 42,583, having recorded a drop by 2.9% compared to January.

In the Nisava District, with an average salary of RSD 46,772, there was also a 4% reduction in salaries, while in the Pirot District, which recorded the highest salaries in the southeast of Serbia, the average February salary of RSD 47,838 recorded a reduction by 5.6 percent.

Regarding the towns in the southeast of Serbia, Pirot still has a huge advantage, although the average salary paid for February dropped by 6.2% amounting to RSD 51,109. In Nis, the average salary was RSD 48,728, which is a decline by 3.9%, and in Vranje RSD 43,728, which is about 3.4% less than a month earlier.

Leskovac had an average salary of RSD 41,549 and a drop of 5.1%.

February salaries in Serbia were the highest in Belgrade municipalities. In Vracar, RSD 86,975, which is more than twice the salary in Leskovac, ranked second was Novi Beograd with RSD 82,948 and the third was Stari Grad with RSD 82,940.

The average net salary in Novi Sad was RSD 57,549.

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Photo: Pixabay