The average salary in Serbia is EUR417


Photo: Pixabay

The average net salary in Serbia in July this year was RSD49,202 (EUR417) and gross salary (with taxes and contributions) was RSD68,029, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has announced today.

Compared to the same month of the previous year, the average net salary increased by 7.9 percent nominally, i.e. by 5.4 percent in real terms, and the average gross salary was nominally higher by 7.4 percent and 4.9 percent in real terms.

Cumulative growth of net earnings in the period January-July was 6.2 percent nominally and 4.3 percent in real terms, and gross wage growth was 5.8 percent nominally and 3.9% in real terms.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay

Writes: B.M.