The cloning of the comedy festival Nusicijada: “True and municipal” organisers of Nusicijada


Photo: B.M.

Since 2010, the renewed comedy festival Nusicijada has been taking place in Ivanjica, as a celebration of culture, entertainment, humour and satire, and due to the decision of the local authorities in the town to take over the organisation of the festival, this year, there will be two festivals dedicated to the famous comedy writer.

Complications occurred in late March when the members of the association Kudes learned in direct broadcast of the session of the Municipal Assembly of Ivanjica that they would no longer be involved in the organisation of the festival.

That is why, they say, they organised the Nusicijada event on Saturday night, “temporarily in exile” in Belgrade.

“We have continued to pursue the vision we have, which is to create a free, joyful event, where jokes and laughter could be heard as the last resort of a free man,” says Vera Jovanovic of the Kudes Citizens’ Association.

When asked which festival is the main, the one in Ivanjica or Belgrade, Jovanovic answers, “We are not organising this so that somebody would be main and someone secondary.”

Nusicijada in Ivanjica, whose organisation this year was taken over by the Ivanjica Municipality, will be held from August 24 to 26, and they say it is unambiguously the only such event.

Source: RTS, N1

Photo: B.M.