The EU supports employment policy in Serbia with 6.3 million euros


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The European Union will give Serbia 6.3 million euros through two projects of concrete reforms, for the purpose of decreasing unemployment, Minister of Labour, Employment Veteran and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic and Hear of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi have stated in Belgrade today.

Fabrizi has told reporters in the Serbian Parliament that the EU funds projects in order to aid Serbia in active employment policies, especially when it comes to people who find it hard to get a job.

“The Serbian economy is growing. Unemployment is decreasing. However, there is plenty of room to continue with such trend,” Fabrizi has said, presenting projects “EU Assistance to the National Employment Service” and “EU Support to Employment Policy.”

He has said that projects will help Serbia build capacities of the Ministry of Labour and National Employment Service, in order to have new and better active employment policies, and that component is worth 1.8 million euros, while 4.5 million euros refers to the implementation of these active employment policies.

“There are lot of unemployed people in Serbia, as well as those who lack skills and knowledge in order to easier find a job with. This primarily refers to people with disabilities,” Fabrizi has said.

He has said that the goal is to get everyone involved in the labour market and create solutions that will enable Serbia to be ready to respond to labour market demands in the future.

He has said that funds received within projects will be managed by competent institutions in Serbia, adding that this is a sign of EU’s trust in Serbian institutions.

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Photo: Pikwizard

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  1. Jobless

    There are poor institutions in Serbia, no possibility to get employed, peeple are comitting suicides for lack of jobs and money, criminal activities are in constant upraize, and.this money is waisted. This will solve nothing but income lossis for budget. Fabricimis mistaken. This is wrong way to deal and settle unemployment. People are in life danger, theare is heat for winter, no way to earn money, which leads towards further dissorders.

  2. Unemployed

    Where are job offers which are financially coverd with this 6,4 milion euros? Where to apply for jobs? Where to start to work and earn for income to survive? Which institutions in Serbia are beneficiaries? Tell the unemployed people so that they can start to work! National employment servicies do not know! They can tell and NOTHING at the time.