The first 8 out of the 70 Turkish buses ARRIVED to GSP


Photo: Beoinfo_printskrin

The first eight out of the 70 new low-floor buses intended for public transport in the city have been delivered to public transport enterprise GSP Belgrade. According to Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, buses will commence transportation of passengers in the capital during the day, on the lines 602 and 603. These are modern buses of the Turkish company BMC, that sells buses across the entire Europe, Vesic has said, adding that buses are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, passenger counters and everything else a modern city bus should have. He has reminded that two agreements on procurement of a total of 244 new buses have been signed recently which, besides the above mentioned 70 buses of the Turkish company BMC, also include the purchase of 174 new low-floor busses for public transportation of the company “Higer” from China. A total of 244 new buses will be on streets of the city until September and until end of the year another 50 buses from “Ikarbus”, which brings us a total of 294 vehicles, Vesic has said, adding that procurement of additional 50 buses from “Ikarbus” and 30 electric buses is planned for next year. “These electric buses will be manufactured in “Ikrabus” since Chinese partner who took over “Ikarbus” is starting production of electric buses. Those will be the first electric buses produced in Serbia, thus all things considering we will have 374 buses by mid next year, no later than September, which is more than 50 percent of the fleet,” Vesic has explained.

Source: Beoinfo

Photo: Beoinfo_printskrin

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