The frivolous behaviour of enforcement officers will end soon


Photo: Pixabay

Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic has said that a task force of the ministry is working on amendments to the Law on Security and Enforcement, which should harmonize the practice of courts and public enforcement officers, but also introduce an e-auction.

Kuburovic told RTS that she expected the draft law to be discussed by the Serbian Parliament in the first half of 2019. She said that the law was being amended because irregularities had been observed since the adoption of the current law in 2015.

She added that during the work of the task force many new issues were raised that needed to be solved and that the goal was to incorporate different interests.

“We are working to harmonize court practice because we have found out that enforcement officers in different areas act differently, that courts act differently, that it is often unclear what an irregular act adopted by an enforcement officer is,” Kuburovic said.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay