The Minister to abolish the employment ban: Budget suffers, regardless of the ban


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The Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Mladen Sarcevic has launched an initiative to lift the ban on employment in education.

“Abolishing the ban on employment will be of major importance for employees in education, where around 25,000 people have a fixed-term contract. Those are mostly tenants, young people who are in a very unfavourable position, as they cannot live in a normal way and start a family,” Sarcevic has said and N1 reports.

Minister has also added at today’s meeting with representatives of the Fiscal Council that abolition of the employment ban will also have a major impact on the birth rate, since around 96 percent of education workers are women.

Sarcevic has pointed out that abolition of the ban would not jeopardize the budget, since those with fixed-term contract are also financed from state treasury.

“It’s counterproductive that around 25,000 people are working under a fixed-term contract, and for the fifth year they are in an unfavourable status,” Sarcevic is of an opinion.

If gradual abolishment of the employment ban commences at state level, employees in education should have an advantage due to number of people in question, Sarcevic has asserted, adding that the mechanism can be easily established.

“For example, anyone who works for more than a year on a fixed-term contract could receive permanent employment. This can be done via decree or amendment of the law, it is all a matter of technicality and good will,” the minister has concluded.

Source: N1

Photo: Beta