The winner of NIN Award announced


Photo: BIZLife

The winner of this year’s greatest literary award in Serbia – NIN Award is Vladimir Tabasevic for the novel “Saint Sebastian’s delusion”. This prestigious award is presented for the 65th time and name of the laureate has been announced by president of the jury Zoran Paunović at today’s ceremony in Dorćol Platz.

This year the biggest number of novels has been in the competition for the prestigious literary award so far, as many as two hundred. Jury shortlisted six novels, the biggest number so far. Among them are books of four female writers, which is yet another record.

The following novels were on the shortlist for NIN Award: “Too Late” by Branka Krilovic, “Withdrawal” by Jelena Lengold, “Catch the Hare” by Lane Bastasic, “Tenth Life” by Sasa Savanovic, “Saint Sebastian’s Delusion” by Vladimir Tabasevic and “Belgrade Trio” by Goran Markovic.

The jury that decided who will win this prestigious literary award consisted of: Tamara Krstic, Branko Kukic, Ivan Milenkovic, Marjan Cakarevic and President Zoran Paunovic.

President of the jury Zoran Paunovic explained that Tabasevic is a writer who does not make compromises with readers and is not trying to appeal to them.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: BIZLife