Top list of Balkan exporters to the EU


Photo: Pixabay

The European Union’s import from the countries of the Western Balkans has doubled in 10 years, from EUR 9 billion to EUR 20 billion, the European statistical agency Eurostat announced.

Export also increased, from EUR 18 billion in 2007 to EUR 29 billion in 2017.

According to Eurostat’s data, Macedonia had the biggest share of the export and import of products with EU member-states in total trade.

Last year, Macedonia exported 81 percent of total export to EU countries, in the amount of EUR 4 billion.

It is followed by Albania, with products exported to the EU member-states worth EUR 1.6 billion, accounting for 77% of the country’s total export, and ranked third is Bosnia and Herzegovina, which exported products worth EUR 4 billion to the EU, which is 71% of its total export.

The value of Serbia’s export to the EU was EUR 9.7 billion, which is 68 percent of total export, and of Kosovo EUR 94 million, i.e. 25 percent of total export, Eurostat stated.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay