Vucic: Serbia completely changing its approach, MASS TESTING to commence


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The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has stated that Serbia will accept the advices of Chinese experts and completely change its approach in the battle against the coronavirus and it will start mass testing. “You can expect a drastic increase in testing in around 48 hours. We have enough tests for the first few days, and in the meantime we will obtain new tests,” Vucic has said at the press conference. That is, he explained, as if you have gangrene on your leg, and every day you remove half a millimetre, but on the other side another 1 or 1.5 millimetres grow, thus it is a matter of days when the entire body will be infected. “With this approach, we will encompass as many people as possible, treat them all, and once we do that we will be able to remove all of the sick tissue,” he has said. Vucic stated that the first sentences of three to 12 years in prison would soon be handed down to those who violate the isolation, as these people endanger thousands of lives. The triage will include accommodation of mild cases either at the Fair or “Studentski grad”, and army will prepare 3,000 beds in a day. “They will be admitted and discharged quickly, but we would monitor their disease to the end and examine them.” Then triage will encompass moderately ill patients who will be in hospitals equipped with non-invasive respirators, which we don’t have many, but we will procure them. Finally, the most severely ill patients will be put on invasive respirators. With regard to treatment protocols, Chinese experts praise chloroquine, Vucic said, announcing that he would speak with Galenika’s owners to start production of that medicament at the plant.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Beta

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