We are two hundred notaries short


Photo: Pixabay

Fifteen towns in Serbia still do not have notary offices, even though public notaries were introduced to our system four years ago. They do work in some major towns, but in insufficient numbers, so crowds are frequent.

According to President of the Serbian Chamber of Public Notaries Srbislav Cvejic, there are a total of 168 notaries working in the country and the mandatory number is 370. Thus, we are 202 notaries short.

In small towns notaries do not want to open offices because it is not cost effective. We provide as much as one third of gross income to state. We pay for types of taxes. As for places where there is little work notaries cannot even cover their expenses. However, in the next 10 to 15 days we expect announcement of a larger competition, Cvejic says, adding that in places where there are no notaries real estate transfer is notarized on court and approvals are notarized in the municipality.

Notaries charge RSD360 (VAT included) for notarization of signatures, various approvals and copies of documents, while notarization of contracts of sale depends on the value of real estate. Notaries provide their services free of charge when it comes to documents related to pension and disability insurance, during first enrolment in school or faculty, and for welfare.

Source: Novosti

Photo: Pixabay