We asked Miladin and Milan Kovacevic what are their thoughts of our great plans with China


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Production of flying cars, pork legs, RTB Bor, Borca based Science and Technology Park, bypass motorway around Belgrade, tyre plant in Zrenjanin, etc. Those are just some of the news that is arriving from China these days. Large numbers, investments and promises. We have asked economists Miladin and Milan Kovacevic, what they think about this and how much Serbia will benefit from visit of the Serbian President to China, which will last for several days and during which long list of contracts and agreements has been signed.

Same surnames, yet different opinions. One sees a major inflow of investments, while the other warns of potential dangers and risks.

“That is not information, those are stories, and I like to read a good story before bedtime,” Milan Kovacevic has stated with BIZLife.

He sees the agreement involving RTB Bor as realistic and feasible. However, he warns that the principle should include “attraction” of Chinese companies to Serbia, not their engagement as contractors under non-transparent conditions.

“More and more Chinese companies are engaged as contractors for various large investments and projects. How will we return those debentures,” Kovacevic begs the question.

One of his fears is that we do not serve as a training ground for China’s dominance in Europe.

“Maybe we want to put our fate completely in the hands of China,” Milan Kovacevic says..

On the other hand, Miladin Kovacevic believes that investments such as Bor, Zrenjanin and Borca based Technology Park are utterly certain and they can also bring major benefits.

“The very construction of Borca based Science and Technology Park, along with investment in Bor can increase industrial production by a quarter,” Kovacevic has said.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Youtube screenshot

Writes: B.M.