WEF: Serbia made progress on the list of global competitiveness


Photo: Pixabay

Serbia has made progress by five places on the ranking list of the WEF Global Competitiveness Index for 2018, as it is now ranked 65th among 140 ranked countries.

According to a report published on the official WEF website, based on the analysed institutional, political, economic and other indicators, Serbia has a total score of 60.9 points, which is better by 1.7 points compared to last year.

Serbia is evaluated better in this year’s report in all the areas compared to last year, except in the field of the functioning of institutions. Serbia got the highest ratings in the field of health (81.5 of possible100 points), macroeconomic stability (75 points) and infrastructure (73 points), while it got the weakest rating in the field of innovation (39.7 points), market size (50.7 points) and the functioning of institutions (51.6 points).

Source: agencije,N1, BIZlife

Photo: Pixabay