Workers are on strike, and “Posta Srbije” is apologizing to users


Photo: Pošta Srbije

Since Friday afternoon, the employees of the Main Postal Centre in Zemun have been on strike, which means they have stopped delivery of shipments. Since Monday, certain post offices suspended their work for a period of time during the day, as a sign of solidarity with their co-workers.

Workers of “Posta Srbije” are displeased, as they say, with their low wages, and the main demand is for salaries, which they claim are below state average, to increase. They say they will not give up on this demand.

They add this is not only about Belgrade, stipulating that work is suspended in Novi Sad, Nis, Zajecar, Pancevo, Valjevo, Mladenovac, etc.

“Demands are realistic, we do not ask for anything that does not belong to us. We are not giving up on that. Of the more than 15,000 people employed in “Posta Srbije”, 12,000 have a salary between RSD 32,000 and RSD 39,000. We are RSD 15,000 below state average, “they have pointed out.

Source: Agencije

Photo: Pošta Srbije