WSJ: KKR sells the United Group?


Photo: Pixabay

The consortium KKR is considering selling the business operation of the United Group. The value of this transaction, according to the consortium’s estimates, would exceed three billion euros, including the company’s debts, reports the Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, the possible decision comes after the shift on the communications market in Europe, especially after Vodafone’s activities in Europe, where it is acquiring companies from the domain of cable and wireless internet and landline telephony.

The newspaper states that the United Group was formed in 2007 as a “combination” of SBB, Telemach Slovenia and Telemach Bosnia, and it owns television stations, mobile and landline telephony services on the territory of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro.

The Wall Street Journal, citing some bankers, reports that the business operation of the United Group, due to relatively small market, will not attract “big players”, but the so-called “buyout” firms that buy parts of companies can express interest. Their interest can be attracted by the strong management of the United Group and a steady increase in the number of users, the newspaper says.

Source: BIZLife/Wall Street Journal

Photo: Pixabay