Competition for “the most beautiful job in Serbia”



The most beautiful job in Serbia seems to exist, it includes excellent working environment, a good salary and, most importantly, this current position is vacant.

“In front of you is the competition for the most beautiful job in Serbia”, it says on the Facebook profile and website Serbian Adventures, a platform for online reservation of excursions and trips across Serbia.

They further stipulate that candidate first needs to win the challenge before being hired for the new job. “If you win our challenge, which lasts until April 23rd, you will not win the prize – you will get a JOB!”

The rules are simple “Convince us that you are an adventurer who enjoys finding, but also representing all the beauty of Serbia, and we will secure you a salary of EUR1,000 and cover all travel, accommodation and food expenses,” Serbian Adventures reports.

The job in question is fixed-term agreement and lasts from May 25th until August 25th, 2019, while platform stipulates in details various tasks, as well as how to apply for this certainly exciting JOB.

Source: Facebook/BIZLife