Germany is calling: an ad for hiring medical staff


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The National Employment Service and the project of the German organization for cooperation GIZ “Triple Win” announced a competition for nurses and general or paediatric technicians.

The competition is for those who want to find a job in Germany.

This call is in line with the interstate agreement between Serbia and Germany, and based on it, the Triple Win project mediates in the conclusion of employment in Germany under the same conditions as for those who already work there, according to a press release from GIZ.

All the interested candidates will receive assistance in the form of language classes as well as professional preparation, and support is provided for the departure to Germany, as well as during integration into society.

The interested candidates do not pay any compensation for mediation, nor does the project make profit in Serbia, as all costs are covered by German employers.

“The project was opened in Serbia six years ago, and from then on, we have been mediating in the employment of 660 nurses and general and paediatric technicians. At the annual level, that is 110 people,” the Triple Win says.

The project is based on the code of conduct of the World Health Organization (WHO) and it does not recruit professional staff from the countries that have a deficit of workforce in the field of nursing nor may it cause the lack of professional staff on the labour market in the country of origin.

“We guarantee a safe trip to Germany since all German employers also have to fulfil the conditions for participation in the project and owing to the contract that they have to sign they are obliged to fulfil all the commitments. This primarily refers to the conclusion of employment in Germany under the same conditions as for the persons who already work there. Therefore, the medical staff that goes there through our project cannot be a cheap labour force,” the Triple Win explains.

All the interested candidates should apply via the National Employment Service. Knowledge of the language is not crucial for selection, because this project also provides language classes and assists with the diploma validation.

Source: B92/agencije

Photo: Pixabay