Jobs for young blacksmiths after 15 year break


Photo: Pixabay

Company ‘Zastava kovacnica’ from Kragujevac, which has been bought from bankruptcy last year by ‘Zastava oruzje’ factory, hired a group of young blacksmiths for the first time after almost 15 years.

Working at ‘Zastava kovacnica’ there is around 50 blacksmiths out of which the majority is older that the age of 50, with 20 percent close to retirement.

The Executive Director of ‘Zastava kovacnica’, Milan Kostic, told the Beta agency that the forge admitted to retraining program 11 unemployed workers of metal profession, under the age of 30.

They have been trained to be blacksmiths under the administration of ‘Znanjem do posla’ project.

They have been taught the art of craft by seasoned masters. ‘Upon the completion of the training program, we have hired 7 young blacksmiths, and the remaining students from the group will be hired within the following 30 days’, advised Kostic.

Blacksmiths are in deficiency on the job market in Kragujevac and none of the schools specializes in providing the knowledge for such specific trade.

‘The training program proved to be efficient since in this case, we do not need to wait for dual education to become a thing and wait additional four years for the completion of the studies necessary for the job’, told Kostic.

He pointed out that ‘Zastava kovacnica’ has the need for workers who can operate the CNC machines. In the last period, within the rejuvenation of staff mission, four graduated mechanical engineers have been hired, with a plan to hire two more.

The company hired two employees with Bachelors in Economics and one with Bachelor in Business Administration.

Kostic advised that the goal of the forge is to have 200 employees in the following period, as well as generate profit of 10 millions Euros annually.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay