Raspberry producers in dire need of pickers


Photo: Pixabay

From Ivanjica all the way to Prijepolje, every second utility pole has an ad about raspberry pickers, but only a few call phone numbers that owners of raspberry plantation provide.

Local media are also full of ads for the same job, as raspberry producers are looking for workers even via youth associations, but workers simply cannot be found, the Blic daily reports.

Prior to harvesting season that should commence in mid-June, owners of raspberry plantations are in urgent need of seasonal workers, as they fear that their crop will go to waste. They offer a daily wage of around EUR20 or RSD35 to RSD40 per kilo picked, three meals a day and an accommodation.

Raspberry producers say that offer that they have presented to pickers is the final one, as any higher price would leave them without profit or they would record a loss. They point out that they are providing more when compared to the previous year, when owners of cold storages paid RSD120, and current purchase price offered is RSD100.

Dragan Vukajlovic, raspberry producer from Dub near Bajina Basta indicates what might happen if something does not change dramatically in the next couple of days. Owners of plantations will pick raspberries with their families, regardless of the amount, while rest of the crop will go to waste, Vukajlovic says.

Source: Blic

Photo: Pixabay