They earn EUR 7,000 in Serbia, and they are not directors, pilots or IT experts


Photo: BIZLife

The fact that times are changing and that more money can be made in Serbia than in some European countries is confirmed by the example of welders engaged in the construction of TurkStream, who are paid monthly from 4,000 to even 7,000 euros.

Such a high salary has somewhat managed to alleviate the issue of the shortage of these professionals that threatened to slow down the construction of the gas pipeline section through Serbia, since 50,000 tons of pipes are being welded by people who have been on construction sites abroad until recently.

The reason for their return lies in the fact that Gastrans, the company that builds this gas pipeline, offers welders licensed for such specific jobs who are familiar with the high welding technology applied at this facility, significantly better conditions than they had in the countries of the European Union.

Thus, welders with experience in gas pipeline work, who perform welding that undergoes x-ray examination, in addition to a salary of EUR 7,000 a month, also have free accommodation and food.

Source: Blic

Photo: BIZLife