US company opening campus and announcing new jobs in Serbia


Photo: Pixabay

The US company NCR employs more than 2,600 people in Serbia and as company officials stated for BIZLife that trend will continue, thus in the next two years the company plans to employ around 1,000 additional employees.

This corporation has been existing for more than 130 years, has around 30,000 employees in 180 countries of the world. NCR enables around 700 million transactions a day in field of finance, retail sales, service industry, travel, telecommunications and technologies.

Six years ago NCR has started its business in Serbia, with only 300 people. Driven by extraordinary results of teams in Serbia, NCR has decided to expand its business and build state-of-the-art technological campus in Novi Beograd.

Headquarters of the NCR Corporation is located in Atlanta, where modern campus got opened in January of this year, consisting of two buildings and representing an extremely modern and inspirational work environment. Belgrade based campus will have similar design but it will be adjusted to local culture, surroundings and customs. NCR currently has more than 100 different teams in Serbia, allocated at six different locations.

As company announced, the new campus will gather all employees in one place, in a modern work environment that will abet innovation and development and will enable team work and cooperation with academic and start up community.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Pixabay