BITEF: Heroic endeavour in the search of the new


Photo: Promo

Before the beginning of the 52nd Bitef Festival, we have talked with Milos Latinovic, Director of the Bitef Theatre, about what you should not miss this year, what is different in this year’s festival compared with the previous ones and what Bitef means for him.

What makes this year’s BITEF different from last year’s?

If a phenomenon is essentially defined by continuity, and this year’s Bitef Festival is the 52nd in a row, especially if the festival strives for the highest goals of the contemporary art, then it is difficult to find a significant difference between two or five sequences of such a complex production that is conceived in this manner. In this context, it would be easiest to say that nothing is different except that everything is different and new. I think this is the biggest benefit of the upcoming, but also every other Bitef Festival: this new beginning, rebirth, this essential originality, but also duration, constant repetition of a beautiful artistic whole that is only separated by years and the numbers whose task is to mark it.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Promo