“Business is enjoying an achieved goal”


Photo: BIZLife

Jelen Beer and the Football Association of Serbia presented a television commercial that should be an inspiration and support for our football team at the upcoming World Championship in Russia. In the video directed by Dragan Bjelogrlic, football players are also involved.

The video that started to appear on television today should also encourage fans’ passion.

The video promotion was also an opportunity to talk with the general manager of Apatin Brewery, Vladimir Novakovic.

Football players and us who will cheer with them, we dream big dreams. That’s exactly how it should be in business, Novakovic said.

“In the business that I deal with, it is necessary to be in tune with yourself, whether something is motivating you or not, whether something is pushing you, whether there is something you see as a challenge and you simply must achieve. If you feel this and if you are unbelievably enjoying it when you achieve a goal – then business is for you.

Message sent by the first man of Apatin Brewery to business associates, as well as to his children:

There are never any obstacles in life, whatever you do. That’s the case in sports, business. Obstacles are in our heads and if we master them we will succeed, and if we do not overcome them, we will fail. There is one saying: If you think you can- you can. If you think you can not – you are right.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: BIZLife