Did you know that you can see MICHELANGELO’S SCULPTURE in Belgrade?


The casting of Michelangelo’s Moses, the sculpture cast based on the original “Moses”, is located in the courtyard of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. This means that if something happened to the “real” Moses, stationed in Rome, new parts would be made modelled on its faithfully cast “double”, the Nedeljnik weekly reports. How did this casting come to our country? The story dates back to the thirties of the past century. Vojislav Veljkovic, Minister of Trade and Finance at the time, who was a collector of artwork, is the most responsible for the fact that Michelangelo’s Moses is located at Topcider Hill today. In fact, Veljkovic contacted the Vatican Pope who promised him permission for casting under a certain condition: an adequate building for the sculpture’s preservation. The “Pavilion Veljkovic” was thus built, that is “Museom”, the first privately owned museum in this part of Europe, in which Vojislav Veljkovic kept “Moses”, which was later moved to Topcider, where a workshop of Toma Rosandic was located at the time, the founder of the Art Faculty in Belgrade, which has now developed into the sculptural department of the Faculty of Fine Arts.