In the pursuit of money…


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The Director Milorad Milinkovic says that according to today’s man, huge propaganda is directed that he must earn as much as possible and ‘it is completely alright for him to be selfish’.

“I think that at the root of the family breaking and the decreasing number of children is a modern consumer society. It is a global trend and it is difficult for us as a society and a state to fight it. “

“If we tried to seriously resolve this issue, we would be bombarded again. An enormous propaganda is directed towards today’s man, that he must earn a lot and it is absolutely acceptable for him to be selfish, turned to himself and to his own interests, this director and one of the chaser in the famous “The Chase” quiz show.

“In a consumer society, only money and earnings are important. And it’s no wonder there’s an increasing number of singles. The two people living separately spend more than they would if living together. And, seeing how today’s wages are a nonsense, almost nobody pays attention to this. “

About fifty years ago, an ordinary civil servant could support his wife and four to five children from his salary. This is not a possibility today, Milinkovic believes.

Source: Novosti

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