Mirjana Karanovic for BIZLife: I can be whatever I want


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Mirjana Karanovic is recognized for her roles of different sentiments. Nevertheless, what all her roles have in common, regardless of how different they are, is the fact that we believe her in each of them. She is also an activist known for her firm, and primarily anti-war attitudes and beliefs. BIZLife gives you the opportunity to find out her opinion about success and business.

“There is no general definition of success which can be applied to every person as a formula, I think this is individual, and it depends on what is considered as success. I have succeeded in what is my passion, my desire and interests, what I have determined to be the meaning of my existence. This is my way of expressing myself, of existing, of developing. What I want is that one day, when I am very old and when I am preparing to leave this world, I can say – my life was successful and I am happy.”

You have mentioned that business is not for you – is there some resistance to business, or do you perhaps think that you are not born for it, that you are not the type of person who can be a businesswoman?

“I can be whatever I want, but I think it would take away a lot of my energy from what I really want to be, what I want to do. Why would I even deal with it, learn it or try to understand the rules of the game, if there is already space in which I cope well and which still contains some unknown territories that I want to conquer?”

Can acting be a business, can we see it as such?

“Perhaps for actors who are engaged in it, for whom acting is work, than it is business. However, acting itself is by no means business. It must have an authentic, individual value.”

Source: BIZLife magazin

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Writes: Bojana Milovanović