Teofil Pancic winner of an award for contribution to promotion of culture and art in media


Photo: Pixabay/Beta

Journalist of the magazine “Vreme”, Teofil Pancic, whose texts have long time ago surpassed borders of the region, and even continents, is this year’s winner of Tanja Petrovic Foundation Award for an outstanding contribution to promotion of culture and art in media.

According to statement, there are few authors that you recognize by the first sentence they write. On the other hand, when you read the name Teofil Pancic, you immediately know that a text which you will read in one sitting follows, and then you will read it again, and several times more, telling your friends about it and often saving it in your personal archive.

Even when he writes about politics, he writes about culture, in his book reviews he tells us about the moment in which we live, in theatre reviews he reminds us of what is behind the scenes, when explaining a phenomenon he unmasks us, for what we are. Readers of “Nasa borba”, “Feral Tribune”, “Globus”, “Dan”, “Sarajevske sveske”, “Dnevnik”, “Vojvodina”, “Pobjeda”, “Monitor”. He is unavoidable in the digital word as well, at web portals of Atonomija and Slobodna Evropa, and some of these texts are in books that he wrote, a total of 21.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Pixabay/Beta