FIVE proposals for vacation in Serbia


Photo: TrippinSrbija

1. The Danube River, our sea

This motto has become the leitmotif of each of our summers. Whichever place on the stretch of the Danube river you choose, you will not go wrong. TrippinSerbia recommends a trip to Kladovo, enjoying sunbathing and swimming at the town’s beach and a boat ride on the Danube. The very rich history of this area is reflected in the site of Lepenski vir, numerous fortresses and legends that accompany them.

2. Stara planina Mt., beauty of the east

Stara planina Mt., that beauty in the very east of our country, is hiding numerous specially attractive and unusual landscapes. The landscaped hiking trails are suitable for all lovers of hiking and mountaineering. Special attention is attracted by the Rosomacki lonci and Slavinjsko grlo sites.

3. The Drina River, the pearl of the west

Robert de Niro’s daughter was named after this river, which nestles in the very west of our country. Beautiful, almost green and cold, the Drina River offers a lot of holiday facilities, whether you decide to visit Zicina beach and enjoy swimming and relaxation by the river, or you decide to take part in the Drina regatta. The famous Koviljaca spa, which should not be missed, is located nearby.

4. The charm of the plain

All of you have at least once thought of booking a tour of the Bavarian castles, right? But have you visited some of the castles of Vojvodina? It would surprise you that you can organize overnight stays in some of them. Go back to the periods of the Habsburg aristocracy and walk through their rooms and estates. That special feeling of going back to some past time is priceless.

5. Relaxation in Ivanjica

Take advantage of the beautiful landscape created by the two mighty mountains of this region – Golija and Javor – and explore the mystical lakes, which can only be reached by the most persistent. Find the bridge that the locals of this part of Serbia call the Roman bridge, and judge for yourself whether it justifies its name. And if you like caves, you must not miss the one named after Karadjordje’s Duke Hadzi Prodan.

Source: BIZLife magazin

Photo: TrippinSrbija