After a decade of fighting: Miskovic completed the plot at Autokomanda


Photo: Beta

Miroslav Miskovic, the owner of Delta Holding, after 11 years of fighting for the most attractive land at Autokomanda, in the Vozdovac quarter, has finally become its undisputed owner.

At the public auction on Friday, his company Autokomanda, as the only bidder, bought a plot covering 0.6 hectares from the city at the initial price of RSD 504.3 million, i.e. about EUR 4.2 million.

That provided Delta with almost six hectares of land between the highway, Bulevar oslobodjenja and the Inner City Semi Ring Road, where it has been planning to construct the 200,000-square-meter shopping mall Delta Planet worth more than EUR 200 million. They did not give up on this project, as the company confirmed for the Politika daily, which is why, as they briefly commented, they bought a plot covering 6,412 square meters.

This time, the price was obviously not a problem for the buyer because he bought the land at a discount of 40 percent, which means that Miskovic saved EUR 2.9 million because the initial estimated value of the plot was RSD 840.6 million (about EUR 7.1 million).

On this plot, Delta will be able to build a four-floor building, 22 meters high, and a 75-meter (21-floor) business tower, which is a total of 22,473 square meters.

Source: Politka

Photo: Beta