BIZLife “30 under 30”: Dijana Kocic, Brand Manager, Red Bull


Dijana is a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Sciences, who started working part time as a member of the Red Bull Wings team back in her college days. For the last three years, he has been Red Bull’s brand manager, at Atlantic Brands. Her hobbies are writing and photography and she is working on travel education on her travel blog. Is there anything you had to renounce in order to get to where you are now? I often gave up sleeping, free time at cafes, empty and pro-forma conversations, occasionally even entertaining moments when everyone hangs out, and I want to realize what I set as a goal. Every renunciation had a higher purpose for me, as I do what is important to me and what fills me with energy. Did success reach you, or was it the other way round? I believe success came from all the hard work I put into doing what I love to do. I was never satisfied with the standard, completion of what was given to me to do, and I always put myself into that, thinking why the thing I am doing is important and whether that is the best way to realize it. I often invented alternative approaches, tested them and shared them with anyone I thought could benefit from them. Success just came naturally based on everything I invested. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your work so far? Labour and dedication always pay off. Similar to life, one should perceive work as a marathon as well, not a 100-meter race. One needs to be patient and all pieces of the puzzle will align. What is the ultimate goal? The goal is to do what you love, listen to yourself, make a change if something no longer suits you and continuous work on yourself. Favourite school subject? Serbian language and literature. First job? Waitress at the cafe. Business role model? Brene Brown. Motivational Song? “I love my life” by Robbie Williams.

Source: BIZLife magazin