EU decides: Serbia removed from "GREEN LIST"

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    EU decides: Serbia removed from “GREEN LIST”

    The European Union has removed Serbia from the so-called “green list” of third countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the EU based on good epidemiological parameters.

    At a meeting in Brussels today, the ambassadors of the EU-27 member states approved the removal of Serbia from the list of countries safe for travel across the external Schengen borders.
    Serbia, along with five other countries, was removed from the list due to the worsened epidemiological situation in the country, according to Brussels.
    This decision should be officially formalised in the EU Council by the end of this week.
    What does this mean?
    This does not mean that Serbian citizens are forbidden from entering EU countries, but that they must comply with a larger number of requirements, depending on the list in which a member state included our country.
    The list aims to harmonise rules for travelling to the EU, although it does not oblige members, which are free to pursue their own border policies.
    Previously, countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania and Cyprus have already removed Serbia from the “green list”.

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