Euronews arrives in Serbia

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    Euronews arrives in Serbia

    Within the visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to Serbia, the European international information channel Euronews and HD-WIN, the media group owned by Telekom Srbija, have announced a partnership project of launching Euronews Serbia, an information channel and a digital platform for the audience of the Serbian speaking region. “Euronews intends to promote reliable and independent media in Serbia, and potentially on other territories where the Serbian language is spoken,” it is stated in a press release. As it is stated, the launch of Euronews Serbia is “a part of Euronews’ strategic ambition to position itself as the world’s leading global-local media company”. “Euronews continues to evolve as a global media company offering content tailored to the expectations of the local audience. This is the second franchise launched by Euronews, and the possibility of other similar projects is currently examined,” the press release says, as reported by N1 TV. As stipulated by the contract signed by both groups, HD-WIN – the company belonging to the national telecommunication operator Telekom Srbija – “will benefit from the recognisability and reputation of the Euronews brand, linking its new channel with the well-known name in independent journalism.” It is added that just before the launch of the program, Euronews Serbia will employ almost 100 people at the local level.

    Izvor: N1

    Foto: Pixabay

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