Every other FOREIGN worker in Croatia comes from SERBIA

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    Every other FOREIGN worker in Croatia comes from SERBIA

    A total of 9,722 Serbian citizens reside in Croatia with a valid residence and work permit, and they mostly work in construction, while seasonal workers are mostly engaged in tourism and hospitality. “When we talk about residence and work permits that are issued for a year, Serbian citizens are mostly hired as construction workers, construction labourers, locksmiths, carpenters, assemblers, i.e. bus drivers and drivers of freight vehicles,” the Croatian Ministry of Interior has announced for web portal “Infostud”. The annual quotas refer to more than one hundred occupations divided into 16 business activities. In figures, 53,600 foreigners can work in Croatia on annual basis, of which almost 20,000 are free or in the process. “So, currently there are around 23,000 foreigners in Croatia, which means that almost every other foreigner is from Serbia,” the portal says. According to data of the Croatian Ministry of Interior, seasonal workers from Serbia are mostly employed in tourism and hospitality, as assistant workers in tourism, as waiters, cooks and tourist entertainers.

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