Everything is due to be paid: Overdraft interest DOUBLED

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    Everything is due to be paid: Overdraft interest DOUBLED

    During the moratorium, the delay in loan repayment, since the end of March, banks have not charged interest on overdraft. The total regular interest calculated during the moratorium will be evenly distributed over the number of months of the moratorium and it will be charged, together with regular monthly interest, on the last day of the month. The debtors will repay the paused three “corona” interests during the next three months, starting on 30 June, the Vecernje Novosti daily reports. Thus, those who use their overdraft limit in June, July and August, will pay double interest on overdraft, because interest from March, April and May will be added. Most of the financial institutions that operate in our country have explained on their websites the procedure for charging overdraft fees, which were not charged during the moratorium, but were calculated. While in most cases the first instalments for loans and other debts frozen during the previous three months will be deducted mainly from 1 July, the first interest on overdraft will be charged on clients’ accounts on the last day of June.

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