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    Faculties may OPEN on May 15th

    Institutions of higher education may continue to operate at their premises from May 15th, provided that mandatory preventive measures are obeyed, the memo of the Ministry of Education addressed to universities and colleges of vocational studies. In that memo, in which the “Danas” daily newspaper had insight, it is also stated that the general guidance for the implementation of mandatory preventive measures during the COVID-19 pandemic would be subsequently forwarded to institutions. “Due to the nature of teaching at certain institutions of higher education, (medical, technical, science, etc.) starting from May 15th it will be necessary to have practical and laboratory exercises.” The recommendation of the Ministry is that this should not be longer than three weeks, and where necessary, institutions of higher education may also hold consultations with students. They also recommend that institutions of higher education organize the remaining lectures through online teaching, as they have done so far, in order to minimize the number of students present in institutions of higher education and, consequently, in dormitories as well. It is added that institutions of higher education, once they commence work, may organize April and subsequent exam periods.

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