"For our heroes" card is being introduced - benefits for all those engaged in the COVID system

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    “For our heroes” card is being introduced – benefits for all those engaged in the COVID system

    The Serbian government has adopted the Conclusion on Establishment of a Temporary Project – “For our heroes” card of benefits.

    The benefits card refers to employees, those in work engagement and volunteers in the COVID-19 system, who are provided with appropriate benefits due to difficult living and working conditions during the pandemic.

    With the introduction of this card, it will be possible for them to realize benefits when paying for goods and services with companies, legal entities, entrepreneurs, institutions and partner companies with which a protocol on cooperation will be signed.

    In addition, cardholders will have an advantage in exercising their rights and receiving services in state institutions, public enterprises, local self-governments and welfare institutions.

    The card will be personalized and can be used on the entire territory of Serbia, regardless of the user’s place of residence.

    The “For our heroes” support program is being implemented in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Measures and activities related to the “For our heroes” benefit card will be of a temporary nature, i.e. they are limited to the duration of the pandemic.

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