FOR THE FIRST TIME everyone is welcome: police SEEKS special officers

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    FOR THE FIRST TIME everyone is welcome: police SEEKS special officers

    For the first time, citizens of Serbia who are not employed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia can apply for the competition for the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ). The Ministry has announced a public competition for attending selection training for SAJ, to which, for the first time in the 40-year-long tradition of this unit, citizens of Serbia who do not work for the Ministry of Internal Affairs can apply. The competition is open until June 10, and the conditions for admission to this elite unit include a positive security check, as well as appropriate psycho-physical abilities. A total of 15 best candidates who pass the selection training will become part of this special police unit. Citizens of Serbia who are adults and are not older than 24 years, who have completed at least high school, have a driving license of the B category and have not been convicted are eligible to participate in the competition, the Ministry said. Applications for the competition are submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with an indication – “For public competition for the position of a special officer”. The experience acquired for decades and the training program modeled on the world’s anti-terrorist units have classified SAJ as one of the most elite units, which is ready to fulfill the most complex tasks in preserving the security and protecting the Republic of Serbia and its citizens, the Ministry of Internal Affairs says.

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