Free subscription in the first nine months for new moms

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    Free subscription in the first nine months for new moms

    Vip has provided use of its services without payment of a monthly subscription during first nine months of contractual obligation, for all female users who become mothers during 2019, regardless of the tariff. For the first time new moms will have a special advantage in form of a support to their new role, provided by the youngest operator in Serbia.

    This move is natural continuation of positive practice that Vip mobile nurtures as the first family responsible company in Serbia, with prestigious Family Friendly Enterprises certificate.

    “With a special offer for postpartum women we have decided to emphasize the importance of support to family and women’s empowerment, thus offering a warm welcome to future mothers. In those first months during which mothers are learning new obligations and facing new expenses, we wish to be there for them. We are recognized as a socially responsible company, which cares a lot about its employees, and we wish to provide additional contribution to the broad community,” said Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip mobile and A1 Slovenia.

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