From Belgrade to Cacak in an Hour: "MILOS THE GREAT the pride of Serbia" (PHOTO/VIDEO)

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    From Belgrade to Cacak in an Hour: “MILOS THE GREAT the pride of Serbia” (PHOTO/VIDEO)

    The highway “Milos the Great” was officially put into traffic with a song “Igrale se delije”, fireworks and first cars in colours of the Serbian flag passing through the Brancic tunnel. Opening of this highway diverts the traffic from the “highway of death”, Ibar highway, and shortens the route from Belgrade to Cacak to around one hour. The ceremony practically lasted the entire afternoon – it began at 3 pm and road was officially put into traffic after 7 pm, with a speech from the Serbian president at Ljig interchange. While addressing the attendees at the ceremony, Vucic stated that this highway shows “a new level of quality of life for Serbian citizens” and that we were waiting for it for 70 years. He said he is proud that the Obrenovac-Cacak highway bears Milos Obrenovic’s name, pointing out that its official European name is E763, which means nothing. Vucic announced that toll collection on the “Milos the Great” highway will commence on September 1st. The toll from Obrenovac to Cacak will cost around RSD 420. Vucic also announced construction of the highway that will bear the name of “Vozhd Karadjordje”, connecting Sumadija with eastern Serbia.

    Izvor: RTS, N1

    Foto: Predsedništvo Srbije

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