Fuel prices continue to drop

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    Fuel prices continue to drop

    In the first days of the new year, fuel prices in Serbia continued to drop, which is a trend that started in the middle of last December, reports the Vecernje novosti daily.

    Thus, 95 octane gasoline is cheaper by RSD 1 to RSD 1.5 and at a large number of gas stations it was sold for RSD 144.20, while Euro diesel is cheaper by RSD 1.5-2 and it was sold for RSD 158.90 per liter. Interestingly, before the holidays these prices were first displayed at NIS gas stations, and now it seems that all the other traders in petroleum products adjusted their price lists.

    The biggest decrease was recorded in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which was sold for RSD 82 to 84 per liter before the new year, and yesterday it could be bought at some gas stations for RSD 78 per liter. Experts say that, after a rise in the price of crude oil, at the beginning of last autumn, there was a drastic drop in the price of “liquid gold” on the world markets, which is why, given the stable exchange rate of the dinar against the euro and the dollar, it is quite normal that prices started dropping in our country.

    If there are no major disturbances on the global market, the prices of petroleum products could be even lower, although an increase in excise taxes is expected, i.e. their statutory adjustment with the retail price growth.

    Izvor: Večernje novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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