Gemius List: BIZLife portal is thirty FIRST in Serbia

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    Gemius List: BIZLife portal is thirty FIRST in Serbia

    According to the Gemius list of the most visited websites in Serbia, the BIZLife portal was ranked 31st in March, making it by far the most visited business website in Serbia. Gemius calculated that as many as 594,067 users from Serbia visited the BIZLife portal in March this year, which puts it among the biggest media outlets in our country. According to Google Analytics, the BIZLife portal recorded just over 1.5 million visits last month with more than 6.5 million opened pages. We thank our readers who, during these difficult times, have recognized our portal as a relevant source of information and we hope that they will continue to read the most influential business platform in Serbia in the future. You can still follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or sign up for our Review of the Day newsletter.

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