German professor tours Serbia, FASCINATED by potentials of Serbian spas

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    German professor tours Serbia, FASCINATED by potentials of Serbian spas

    The special hospital for rehabilitation Rusanda in Melenci was visited by a delegation of the Ministry of Health of Serbia and the German and European non-governmental organization WITOS. The delegation also included Head of WITOS, Professor Peter Becker. He is also president of the tour operator of the international tourist service, which is touring Serbian spas these days. “The purpose of his visit was to learn about the potentials of Rusanda, as a destination interesting to tourists. The goal is also to find ways to cooperate in the future. Establishing business cooperation, in particular, would involve bringing tourists from Germany and other parts of Europe. They would come at their own expense, but also at the expense of their Fund,” says Acting Director of the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation Rusanda in Melenci, Zorica Culibrk MD. She points out that Professor Peter Becker was fascinated by the data on the salinity of the lake water and the application of the mud from the Rusanda Spa. “His conclusion is that there is a wide range of curative properties of therapeutic mud as an inexhaustible natural resource in rheumatologic and skin diseases. There is also the possibility of its application for cosmetic purposes,” Culibrk notes. She adds that, unfortunately, there is little information in our country about the quality and possibilities of using Rusanda mud, although this health resort has existed for more than 150 years.


    Foto: Pixabay

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