Handymen will not work even for EUR 2,000, their departure is yet to be felt!

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    Handymen will not work even for EUR 2,000, their departure is yet to be felt!

    The lack of construction workers in Serbia due to migrations abroad has caused an increase in the price of their work, which will reflect on the increase in price of apartments and construction of new infrastructure facilities. There is shortage of quality handymen of all profiles and this is yet to be felt in the following period. Particularly worrying is their shortage in the maintenance sector of complex energy systems, as this can make repair of potential damage quite challenging. This is how Goran Rodic from the Serbian Chamber of Construction explains for the “Vecernje novosti” daily newspaper the current situation in that industry. “Larger Serbian construction companies that are engaged in serious jobs have to pay quality local handyman, who are scarce, much more than before. Operators on more complex machines earn EUR 2,000 a month,” Rodic explains. Daily allowances of good craftsmen of various profiles, such as industrial insulation workers, tilers, welders, as he says, range from EUR 35 to EUR 100, and assistant craftsmen from EUR 25 to EUR 30. Serbian enterprises cannot secure such conditions, because they work as subcontractors for, as he claims, much lower prices than foreign contractors hired by state. He adds that these foreign companies pay our workers here from EUR 3 to EUR 12 an hour, while in the Western Europe this type of work is four times more expensive.

    Izvor: Večernje novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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