Hungary wants a Turkish Stream and it will build a gas pipeline to Serbia

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    Hungary wants a Turkish Stream and it will build a gas pipeline to Serbia

    The supervisory board of FGSZ, the operator of the natural gas transmission pipeline system in Hungary, has approved a plan to invest in the construction of a gas pipeline to Serbia, with an annual capacity of six billion cubic metres, the company announced. According to that document, the capacity of the southern branch of the gas pipeline – which is at the border with Serbia – must be reached by October 2021. The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjarto said last spring that Hungary had begun negotiations with Russia on increase in gas supplies to 4.2 billion cubic metres. Budapest is interested in “the possibility of buying Russian gas through the Turkish Stream, which goes through Turkey and Bulgaria, by the end of next year,” he said. The Turkish Stream project is a gas pipeline that consists of two branches, each of which can carry 15.75 billion cubic metres of gas a year. The first branch is intended for the Turkish market, while the second branch should supply the countries of south and southeast Europe. Gazprom is considering potential markets in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.

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