If they were paid for UNPAID work, women in Serbia would raise the AVERAGE

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    If they were paid for UNPAID work, women in Serbia would raise the AVERAGE

    According to a research published by the United Nations Agency for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women) in Serbia, every woman who takes care of children or elderly members of the household every day should earn EUR 546 a month. As it was announced, if unpaid care for children and the elderly became visible and economic value was added to them, it would mean that one woman in Serbia earns EUR 6,560 net per year, EUR 546 euros per month respectively, and man earns EUR 5,220 net per year, EUR 435 euros net per month respectively. The total estimated value of unpaid care activities is 21.5 percent of Serbia’s GDP or EUR 9.2 billion (14.9 percent for unpaid care activities for women and 6.6 percent for men), yet the world average is nine percent. These are the findings of the first analysis of the economic value of unpaid care in Serbia conducted by UN Women within the project “Gender Responsible Management – Redistribution of Unpaid Labour” with the support of the Government of Great Britain and the Embassy of that country in Serbia.

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